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is a software provided for those who are supervising ISO systems in the company.
The user-friendly application will fulfill the following functions:
All the components of this software are designed to fulfill the basic ISO standards requirements with minimal effort.
These components will support ISO management in your company!
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What advantages will I get
from the document module?

What advantages will I get from the process module?

What advantages will I get from the audit module?

What advantages will I get from the nonconformities,
corrective and preventive actions module?

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The offer is adjusted to your needs. All you have to do is to define the initial number of users!


From 26


Up to 25
Number of users


Up to 10
Hard disc capacity Up to 1 GB Up to 1,5 GB 2 GB
Monthly transfer 2 GB 3 GB 4 GB
24/7 access TAK TAK TAK




Individual offer may be prepared upon request.
Additional services:
Preparation of organizational structure and a list of users
Preparation of folders structure, registration of documents in the system
Process mapping

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Are you still not sure ifIsomatrixfulfills your expectations?

Zamow Demo

Order a free 30-days demo version! This way, you'll easily find out if our application is what you're looking for. The demo version will allow you to acquaint yourself with our software and make an informed decision about purchasing it. Just fill in the form and enjoy free access to test version of the software!

Zamów Prezentację

We encourage you to see a presentation of our software's functionalities. Our experienced advisors will demonstrate all functions of the application in an accessible manner. During the interactive presentation, we will comprehensively show you how our software works.

Our customers' satisfaction is the main priority of our company: you can be certain we will do whatever it takes to meet your expectations. We encourage you to fill in the contact form.

You will be contacted by our sales representative as soon as possible in order to determine a convenient date for presentation.

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T Komp LLC

6377 Blackwood Dr
Cupertino, CA 95014
USA (Silicon Valley)
phone. 1(415)366-6038

e-mail: contact(at)

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What is ISO?:

ISO is an association of non-governmental standardization organizations, also known as International Organization for Standardization. It was created in 1946 in London. Currently, the members include representatives of 160 countries. Throughout the years, ISO has published over 17 000 standards dealing with issues from everyday life.
co to jest iso?

Selected standards:

ISO 9001

The standard deals with quality management system in a given organization. It defines the requirements that the system should meet. The standard may be applied regardless of the size and kind of organization. It has been created in order to fulfill the requirements and needs of the company's customers. Methods to accomplish that include controlling documents, organizing resources management, approving production processes and regular customer's satisfaction measurement. Certificates of compliance with the requirements are issued by an independent certifying unit

ISO 14001

Also known as environmental management standard. It is considered to be one of methods used to minimize the influence of organizations on the natural environment. Its basic criterion is identification of various environmental aspects. In contemporary world, many organizations consider the problem of negative influence on the environment. Holding ISO 14001 certificate may bring the entrepreneur significant benefits.
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(Software as a Service)

Is a service which provides software via Internet. It enables interaction with the application using interface of a web browser.

Such delivery model has many advantages, amongst others is the low cost, most frequently in the form of subscription fee, which enables the company to anticipate the costs. Additionally, implementing, as well as using such solutions, is fairly easy since they can be accessed from any place in the world. It is a perfect way to provide services in a way that is not only easily accessible but also known to most users.

The SaaS delivery model is beneficial to both, the Customer and the Provider. SaaS applications are characterized by quick implementation and no additional expenses as far as infrastructure is concerned. SaaS also enables the customers to test and select the application they will be using, which essentially means the customer will only have to pay for the functions he is actually using.
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There are several ways to secure data in the SaaS delivery model

and they are included in the subscription fee, which means the customer does not have to incur any additional costs. Most importantly, the data are secured against damage as they are stored in two various places in case of fortuitous events or accidents.

No unauthorized users have access to it. Administrator of the system can define authorizations of users. The servers are under constant control of highly-qualified administrators who make sure the data are properly stored.